Private Session Information and Fees 

*No prior experience: A minimum of 4 private sessions to join a Group. 
*Scheduled appointments for Private Sessions are set up by phone or email. 
 Session #                    Duration of Session                 Price Per Session
 1 Private                      55 minute session                     $70 
 1 Private                      90 minute session                     $90
2 to 4 Privates             55 minute session                     $65​
 6 Privates                    55 minute session                    $60
 8 Privates                    55 minute session                    $55
 12 Privates                   55 minute session                   $50
4  Duets                        55 minute session                  $40 *Per Client                                                
8  Duets                        55 minute session                  $35 *Per Client
12 Duets                        55 minute session                  $30*Per Client
Trio                               55 minute session                  $30 *Per Client
Group                             55 minute session                  $18 *Per Client (4 to 7 clients)  
Group Drop- In              55 minute session                   $25 *Per Class

 *Pre requisite for Group: Reformer and Mat experience required to attend group classes. 

*Group Session Policy: * Minimum of 4 clients required. Space is limited. Full payment is due the first week of each month to reserve your spot. 
Drop In's *Please contact Simply Pilates to reserve a spot due to limited class size.

*Simply Pilates is a Fragrance Free Studio. Please avoid use of perfumes and scented products while attending class.

Payment Options: Credit Card, Check or Cash accepted. Checks made out to Simply Pilates.

Group Class Monthly Schedule

Group Equipment and Mat Classes are offered Monday through Friday.  
*Saturday Group Classes require weekly sign ups.

6:00 am:  Intermediate Reformer/Chair/Mat 

7:00 am:  Intermediate Reformer/Chair/Tower

7:15 am:  Restorative Pilates For Special Consideration Populations

 8:30 am:  Intermediate/Advanced Pilates Mix 

9:30 am:  Restorative Reformer: Bone Density, Scoliosis, Arthritis, and Joint Pain

9:30 am: Intermediate/Advanced Mix

10:30 am: Gentle Pilates Reformer/Chair/Mat

4:30 pm:  Intermediate Mix

5:35 pm:   Intermediate/Advanced Mix 

 7:15 am:  Intermediate/Advanced Reformer/Chair/Tower/Mat

8:30 am:  Intermediate/Advanced Reformer/Chair/Tower

9:30 am:  Gentle Pilates 

10:30 am: Restorative Pilates For Special Consideration Populations

11:30 am:  Intermediate Reformer/Chair/Mat 

3:30 pm:  Pilates For Your Bones

 4:30 pm:  Intermediate Reformer/Chair/Tower/Mat

5:35 pm:  Intermediate/Advanced Reformer/Chair/Mat

6:45 pm:  Intermediate/Advanced Reformer/Tower/Chair/Mat

8:30 am:  Intermediate/Advanced Pilates Mix

Class Details

Start Up Package: Six Private Sessions designed to prepare new clients for group classes.  Pilates Principles and Fundamentals will be introduced.  Basic mat, reformer, tower, and chair work are taught in this series.  Clients will also learn unbinding techniques with the foam roller and ball.

Mat:  Mat exercises performed standing, supine, prone and sidelying positions.  Incorporating apparatus such as the stability ball, arc, band, magic circle, chia bolster, foam roller, and the foot corrector.  Consistent mat repertoire builds pelvic floor and core strength while increasing range o motions through the joints.  Additional benefits of mat work include strengthening of the hips and gluteals which aides in diminishing back and knee pain.

Tower: The ultimate Pilates challenge can be achieved with focus on unilateral and bilateral exercises using springs and pilates principles of movement for fine detailing of form. 

Reformer: Machine-based exercise with spring-loaded resistance works the whole body synergistically. The reformer training focuses on specific breath patterns, proper alignment, core stabilization, and muscular endurance training.

Pelvic Floor Reformer: Machine and Mat based class utilizing the pelvic floor muscles with each core movement. This class addresses pelvic floor strength and awareness.

Pilates for your bones: This class is designed for the osteopenic and osteoporotic client to decrease risk of fracture while improving balance, strength, flexibility and mobility. Focus is on balance, weight bearing activities, stabilization of the spine and breath control. *Simply Pilates is registered as a Osteopenia/Osteoporosis Safe studio. 

Combo Chair: There are a myriad of exercises that can be performed on the Pilates chair. The combo chair is designed to challenge balance and stability as well as build strength and endurance. The Chair Class targets the trunk, core, and upper and lower extremities. The chair repertoire is an excellent workout for special consideration populations from Prenatal Pilates to the Elite Athlete.  

Pilates Mix*: Tower, Ladder Barrel, Chair, Reformer and Mat with apparatus repertoire. This is a challenging workout that is guaranteed to keep the muscles guessing!

Gentle Pilates: Designed for clients with spine pathology, osteopenia and osteoporosis. Focus is on balance, weight bearing activities, stabilization of the spine and breath control.*Simply Pilates is registered as a Osteopenia/Osteoporosis Safe Studio.

Restorative Pilates: 
Designed for special considerations populations:  Clients suffering from Chronic Pain, Arthritis, and/or Osteoporosis.  Client and instructor set realistic goals to improve quality of life, functional strength, mobility and confidence. 

*Pelvic Floor engagement as well as Breathing techniques are an integral part of each exercise.

Saturday Cardio/Mix class: Prepare for the ultimate Pilates workout. One hour of fast pace on the trapeze, barrel, chair, reformer and jumpus board. Weekly sign ups required, sign up at the studio or RSVP to 







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