• "I suffer from scoliosis and after a few months at Simply Pilates my back pain was gone!"​ HJ

  • Simply Pilates is wonderful! With the professional and caring help of the skilled instructors at Simply Pilates, I am not only standing taller but stronger. They have helped me recover from an old debilitating injury. The staff has been instrumental in other areas of my health as well. Recommending a bone density scan, I discovered I had the start of Osteopenia and began treatment for it. I look forward to my small, twice a week class. It is individualized and the other clients are great. I highly recommend Simply Pilates. KM

  • "I honestly thought I had carpal tunnel. After a few months of Pilates instruction and diligent follow-up at home, my strength and flexibility dramatically improved and all the numbness in my arm completely went away. Thank you pinkie ball, thank you foam roller, and thank you most of all to the amazing, caring instructors at Simply Pilates that cared enough to develop a program uniquely designed for me!" Teresa L..

  • “I started Pilates on the advice of my physical therapist and was going to only do a couple of private sessions and then move back to my gym and it’s Pilates classes. Well…6 privates later I was hooked. I enjoy the personal attention, especially for those of us with Osteo, and a clean and wonderful facility. I am still at the gym, but just for the spinning classes, but I love it here at Simply Pilates. My posture has improved and I feel my core!” ~ Paula

  • “What a difference a year makes…Taller? Maybe, but I surely am straighter than a year ago. My back is more relaxed and I am generally much more into well being.” ~ Marv 

  • “Never realized all the muscles I didn’t use prior to Pilates! Wonderful Instructors and very welcoming classes.” ~ Kristi

  • “Just love all the stretching and “rolling out” the sore spots. Definitely have more strength with flexibility….something I never had with weights at the gym.” ~ Lauren

  • “Simply Pilates is the best. They have helped me tremendously. I have been in two car accidents this year and the staff’s gentle guidance, modifications to exercises and true caring has helped me with the healing process. I enjoy the welcoming, caring environment that I experience when I walk through the doors.” ~ Jeni

  • “Beth and her staff offer wonderful emotional support for Pilates participants. Beth melted my anxiety and doubt and makes “doing it” meaningful!” ~ Kasey 

  • “The Gentle Pilates Class has helped me in the journey to regain the control of my balance.  I lost so much muscle mass and strength during a long recovery period. Gentle Pilates is the perfect bridge to take me from weakness to building my inner core’s strength and control. Although I’m limited by physical restrictions, I love my Pilates class and instructor and I feel improvement with each class.”~ Irish

  • “It's been two years since I began working with the magnificent instructors at Simply Pilates.   It was a life changing decision for me and just in case you're thinking about joining our group, I want to say "JUST DO IT". The key component to the program is the high energy, bright, enthusiastic, positive, creative instructors.  Each woman has their own unique personality (all wonderful by the way), but what they share is the ability to give visual and verbal cues that help the students connect with their own bodies.  They often attend each others' classes and share what they learn from the others.  Cooperation rather than competition is evident in the studio! Another important piece of the puzzle is the ever enthusiastic owner, Beth.  She demands the best of herself, her instructors, and the equipment she purchases for the studio.   Beth holds high standards for the studio and the quality of instruction is excellent because of it. I'd like to share a recent experience that demonstrates the benefits of pilates.  My husband and I returned from a trip to Arizona where we and several other couples rode quad runners in the dessert.  We all had quads that hold two people, the women rode behind the men in our own seats.  As we rode, I realized that I no longer needed the support of the back of the seat or the handles.  My core was support enough!  Wow, what a joy! Hope you decide to join the great group of pilates enthusiasts at Simply Pilates!” ~Cheryl  

  • I have been coming to Simply Pilates since August of 2015. I knew when I walked through the door, and had some private sessions with Beth, that this was the place for me. I had some hip and back injuries that caused me to be unable to climb stairs for almost a year. I also have osteoporosis, which is a concern. Because of Beth's gentile approach to my problems, and her supreme knowledge of how to manage my condition by strengthening safely, I can now climb stairs again - multiple flights! Beth is so thoughtful and caring, as are all of her staff. I also have gained some height! No more hurting. Have graduated into a class! Thank you Beth and Simply Pilates! 
      January 24, 2016 · Yvonne Bauer

  •  I suffered a serious disc injury in my lower spine a year ago and have been in constant pain since then. Since I have started a pilates regimen at this studio, my pain levels have been steadily decreasing to the point that I no longer feel it everyday. I have only been taking it for four months! Beth and Jacqui are amazing, and am sure that the other instructors are as well. As someone who has lifted weights and played the traditional sports, I can say this is the most complete workout you can find without putting excessive stress on your body. I would recommend to anyone, no matter of your fitness level. Christian Soto

  • The minute I walk into Simply Pilates it feels like I have stepped into a spa, it is so beautiful and calming. I have fibromyalgia and chronic migraines so I knew Pilates would be a gentle workout for me. The trainers/instructors are all excellent. They are extremely helpful and are constantly checking in with each member of the class (which are kept small) to work on individual needs as we are moving through our workouts. And I cannot say enough good things about Beth Koch, the owner. She is one of the kindest most caring people you will ever meet. All of her trainers are much the same way. Each time I leave class I feel I have had a invigorating and healing experience. I joined Simply Pilates in July and lately I have been receiving many compliments on my appearance saying I look younger and thinner, plus I feel better. It works, it's fun, give Simply Pilates a try. Pam Boucek

How can pilates exercises influence asymmetries of the head, neck, trunk and pelvis?


Axial Elongation

 Organization of
 Shoulder Girdle,
 Thoracic and Cervical Spine

 Spine Articulation

 Weight bearing and Alignment of Extremities

 Movement Integration

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