Beth Koch is Nationally Certified through the Pilates Method Alliance and a graduate from Polestar Comprehensive Studio Series. Beth has had the privilege of being a group and private Pilates instructor since 1999, a Registered Respiratory Therapist since 1979 and Certified Massage Therapist since 2005.

 Beth was honored to be trained by the renowned Elizabeth Larkham, on the Polestar Reformer I and II series and later graduated from Polestar Pilates 450 hour Comprehensive Studio Series under the instruction of Master educator and Physical Therapist Sheri Betz. The curriculum focused on an in depth working knowledge of Pilates movement principles on the reformer, trapeze, barrel, spine corrector, and mat. Further curriculum included, experimental application of Pilates in self and critical reasoning skills for application of Pilates for clients. 

Beth has taken additional courses on the latest modifications for special populations to include: Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. She enjoys attending Pilates Method Alliance Annual conferences for continuing education and personal growth. March 2013 Beth completed an extensive review of Polestar's Comprehensive program with Physical Therapist and Polestar Pilates educator, Roxanna Cohen. In October 2013 Beth successfully completed Polestar's Advanced Assessment Skills Part I with mentor Amy Broekemeier, Doctor of Physical Therapy, completing Part II in October 2015. In March of 2016 Beth successfully completed Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis and Neurological Conditions presented by Mariska Breland, founder of Washington, D.C.'s Fuse Pilates. This intensive three day course provided her with the necessary tools to reach out to clients with neurological deficits. December 2017, Dr. Ada Wells presented a workshop on the Oov, an apparatus developed by an osteopath to improve core strength and balance, as well as providing decompression of the spine. From the benefits received on the Oov in such a brief period of time Beth plans to complete the entire training with Ada Wells in the upcoming October 2018 training.  Her private clients have already begun training on the Oov.   Beth recently completed a two day course in April 2018 on Pilates Suspension Method with Pilates instructor/educator, Rebecca Beckler.  This course was extremely mentally and physically challenging.  Beth is looking forward to incorporating the suspension method at Simply Pilates within the next several months to come.
 As owner and operator of Simply Pilates in Chico, Ca. Beth’s passion for Pilates shines through her professional, knowledgeable instruction honoring the teachings of founder Joseph Pilates. Her extensive background in Polestar's clinically researched and scientifically based education provides clients with safe modifications of exercises when deemed  necessary. She provides current techniques as well as equipment and apparatus to keep clients challenged. Beth states, “My passion for Pilates continues to thrive as I see first hand the benefits of the Pilates method."  "Often clients arrive feeling tired and grumpy, but they always leave Simply Pilates feeling energized and happy!"